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Zen Internet Services


Zen, Circle of Excellence - 2021 Winner
We are really excited to announce we have just won a very prestigious award!

This amazing award recognizes Zen partners who deliver service excellence to their customers. It’s rated by an independent Net Promoter Score survey and for 2021 we came out on top with a superb score of 100% from feedback they received directly from our clients!.

A huge thank you all our loyal clients!

A bit about Zen Internet . . . .

Their approach
Zen is different. They think that their unique approach to business is better for their staff, better for our customers, and better for the community. In all these areas, they want to make a positive impact. They believe that good business is ethical business, and have nearly two and a half decades of continuous growth to prove it.

Their vision
Connecting people to make life and business better.This is their vision. They offer the products and services that make communicating and collaborating - at work or at home - easier.

Their mission
Bringing together great people and the right technology to deliver the best service in the market.They achieve their vision by delivering on their mission - to support their products and services with highly knowledgeable, approachable and helpful staff.

Award winning service and expertise

They champion the needs of their and our customers:

  • Their support and expertise is award-winning and UK-based.
  • Whether you're an individual or a big business, you'll have access to expert staff who care about you.
  • They don't operate an anonymous, remote call centre and they don't read from scripts. If you have a problem, the first person you call will take responsibility for resolving it.

People first approach

They believe putting people first is a better way of doing business

  • Happy, committed staff give a better service to customers. They have been PC Pro magazine’s Best Broadband Provider for 14 consecutive years.
  • They invest in staff training, development and wellbeing. That’s why they are one of the Sunday Times’ 100 Best Companies to Work For.
  • They are in business to make people happy – staff, customers and suppliers.

They are independent

Their independence means they can make better long-term decisions for their and our customers

  • With no shareholders to satisfy, they can reinvest profits into improving their products and services.
  • They will always be an independent British business, and never become the subsidiary of some anonymous corporation.
  • They operate one of the UK’s largest independent data networks.

Both Zen and The Total Package share so many of the same values and therefore we have no hesitation in recommend them to our clients