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About us

The Total Package was formed in 1995 from a belief that most small to medium businesses do not have access to the IT skills needed to run their businesses and especially to help them grow.

Larger businesses may have a department of skills and resources available to advise them and support them whenever they require them.

We have the skills and resources on a diverse range of topics from:

  • Security and virus protection
  • Servers and networking
  • Client relationship management (CRM)
  • Office automation
  • Internet applications
  • Web services

We can provide these resources and more to all our clients, when they require them, saving them the cost of retaining these skills at a high cost to the business.

It was from this belief that The Total Package brand was born!

Our clients range from the music industry to the legal sector, occupational health to tourism, property management to motor racing, marketing to even food distribution. The benefit to our clients is that we have experience in many industries and can provide a more open minded approach where a crossover of thinking is appropriate. We think specialising in one sector can make you blinkered in your approach, although there are times when that is necessary.

All of our clients require the same basic needs, which are effective advice, the supply of reliable systems and being there to support them when they have a need.

Our mission is simple, to provide a complete range of computer related services in a professional yet personal and friendly way.