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StorageCraft Cloud Backup for Office365

Organizations understand that they need to protect their most important asset, their data. In today’s world data can be anywhere. It may reside in an organization’s physical server, in a virtual server in the cloud, or it can even reside in both at the same time. Critical data needs to be protected and available whether it’s hosted locally or in the cloud. Microsoft Office 365® provides significant advantages to organizations of all sizes.

However, this SaaS version of Microsoft’s flagship productivity application, which stores files and data in the cloud, demands the same high level of data backup and recovery function as its on-premise version.

The Need
Since SaaS applications exist in the cloud many organizations and individuals believe that their valuable data is automatically protected and available. Microsoft Office 365 does provide a basic level of protection, but recommends that you regularly backup your content and data that you store on their services.

Customer data must be

  • Safe from the most common cause of data loss, user errors
  • Recoverable from data loss due to system errors
  • Available longer than a short 30-day window
  • Protected against internal and external threats
  • Available when needed in the proper format

Office 365 users need to make sure that they have these additional levels of protection and accessibility in order to meet basic organizational needs.

The Coverage
StorageCraft Cloud Backup for Office 365 provides protection for:

  • Exchange
    Email activities and Exchange data (mail, contacts, and calendar) with unlimited retention
  • OneDrive for Business
    Data saved for multiple revisions , edits and versions
  • SharePoint®
    Protection of SharePoint document libraries
  • Public shared folders
    Availability of data that is in use in public shared folders across user defined time periods
  • Teams information
    Proteciton of Teams chats, conversations, and documents shared through Microsoft Teams