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StorageCraft ImageManager

Data growth continues at an astounding rate. Forbes magazine recently reported that “More data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race.” This not only shows the immense amount of data we create and consume, but also the exponential growth rate of data year over year. In today’s high-tech world, data is the life blood of any organization. Those who are able to protect, access and manage their data will be the ones best equipped to succeed long into the future.

The Need
In order to mitigate a data disaster, organizations not only need to maintain an effective backup solution, they also need to carefully manage their vital backup images. They need to direct where their backups are
stored, how long they are preserved, and how often they are updated. They need to be able to verify that each backup completed successfully, and that each backup is accessible at a moment’s notice, in the proper format.

The Solution
StorageCraft ImageManager™ meets the need for complete backup image management. It is seamlessly integrated with StorageCraft ShadowProtect® SPX and ShadowProtect® 5 to provide a powerful yet easyto-use image management solution. It consolidates and collapses backup image files and lets users set up retention policies to help save valuable storage space. It also replicates backup image files to an offsite location while controlling and reporting back each step of the process. This allows for a quick and complete recovery from any disaster, large or small.

Capability Overview
Verification: Users can configure image verification to occur daily, weekly, or monthly; automatically verifying the integrity of the backup image files and chains through MD5 validation. They can define how frequently the image files are verified and re-verified. Finally, users can setup an advanced verification by automatically booting into a virtual environment, following which, they receive an email with an attached screenshot of the System Login Screen showing success or failure.

Consolidation: Users can reduce restoration time and the risk of backup-file corruption by automatically consolidating continuous-incremental backup image files, which can be consolidated into daily, weekly, and monthly files to reduce the length of the backup image chain. They can roll up multiple monthly consolidated files to further shorten the process.

Premium Features: StorageCraft ImageManager allows users to replicate encrypted backup image files to the StorageCraft Cloud (with a StorageCraft Cloud Services™ account) StorageCraft ShadowStream® technology accelerates file transfer speeds up to five times faster than traditional FTP protocols, to a private or public cloud, remote offsite storage location, or even a co-location facility.

Retention and Recovery: Users can minimize storage space for backups by managing the retention policies for continuous incremental and consolidated backup image files. They can also manage backup image file cleanup for all managed folders on a network through global retention policies. Users have the flexibility to set different retention policies for backup images replicated locally versus replicated offsite. Users can recover in minutes by pre-staging their local backups into a virtual or other machine for standby failover.