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StorageCraft File Backup and Recovery

Organizations are constantly working to find better ways to back up and protect their most important asset, their data. When a disaster happens, they need to be able to retrieve it quickly and completely. Even though the cost of storage has been moving downward, the amount of data that needs to be stored and efficiently managed is increasing at an exponential rate. Gaining backup and recovery efficiencies is critical.

The Need
Many organizations back up all the data on every computer without regard to the data’s relevance or need.

A company’s backups could include as much as 30% irrelevant and unnecessary data. This could be 40 copies of the same file or large folders for files and applications that are no longer in use. When the search and restore process includes sifting through myriad pictures and duplicate and unused files, the challenge of retrieving only the critical data is compounded. Since not all data is equal, if organizations could differentiate between what data is critical and what is not, they would have the foundation for efficient, cost-effective
backup and recovery.

The Solution
StorageCraft Data Analytics - File Based Backup is different from other file-based backup and recovery products on the market. It expands the StorageCraft Recovery Solution through an intelligent data analysis that recognizes the files on a computer that are critical and those that are not. This maximizes control, minimizes unnecessary backup and allows for faster recall and recovery of critical data when the need arises. This next-generation approach to intelligent tiered data architecture provides a forward-thinking data backup process for organizations of all sizes.

The Key to Our Solution – The StorageCraft Backup Analyser
The StorageCraft Backup Analyser is a web application that provides an intelligent review and analysis of the data on a computer. It decides what data is backed up and what is excluded. The Backup Analyzer does analysis and configuration without needing to interrupt users, and it doesn’t even require their computers to be on. It quickly separates the data into categories of what to protect, what to exclude, and a third very important category of “Unaddressed Files.” These unaddressed files are often the diamonds in rough. Once discovered, an additional rule can be defined and it can be applied on the fly to the computer wherever it is located. These additional rules can be applied to some or all computers under management by StorageCraft File Based Backup in one step.